310-2-3/4 OB Electric Strike

The Folger Adam 310-2 3/4OB electric strike is designed to be installed on the inactive leaf of a pair of doors. This application is typical when you have a mortise lockset on one door, and a vertical rod on the other door. If you choose to use a standard strike plate in this situation, you'll also need to install a door coordinator, to insure that the door with the mortise strike plate closes first.

But the unique design of the latch bolt on the 310-2 3/4OB door strike negates the need for a door coordinator. With the Folger Adam 310-2 3/4OB electric strike, either door can close at any time without any interference or binding.

To learn more about this heavy duty, industrial grade electric strike, please visit the 310-2 3/4OB product page.