1006 Electric Strike

A properly installed and configured 1006 electric strike will work the first time and save the installer from having to return to the jobsite for customer complaints. The 1006 series comes with a hardware pack that includes an important piece that is often overlooked (and if not used or not properly used can result in a preload, or excessive play problem, that causes frustration).

What's the problem? When the 1006 electric strike is used with a cylindrical lockset, horizontal adjustment is sometimes needed so that the deadlatch is depressed, and does not fall into the pocket like the latchbolt does. If the deadlatch is not depressed the lock can be easily bypassed. If the deadlatch falls into the pocket you will have a preload issue if there is a smoke seal, silencer or improperly configured door closer.

And the solution? Inside every 1006 series box, HES also provides a set of keeper shims in the hardware bag with a set of mounting screws. These keeper shims can be attached to the inside of the keeper with the included screws. A shim (or multiple shims) should be used so that the deadlatch sits on top of the shim (or shims), and will not fall into the pocket with the latchbolt. Additionally, these shims also make the pocket horizontally smaller, so the latchbolt doesn’t move from side to side, which could cause excessive door play.

To learn more about the strongest, most versatile electric strike available, please visit the 1006 product page.