K-12 Solutions

Upgrade campus access control

Upgrade campus access control–from existing exterior openings to inside the classroom.

Access control is fundamental to protecting K-12 students, staff and assets during day-to-day operations and in emergency situations. Securitron, HES, Adams Rite, Alarm Controls and Medeco offer a wide range of access control solutions to help meet the various challenges facing K-12 security and facility management teams, including time and budget.


Gate and fence access control prevents unauthorized personnel from penetrating a school’s campus.  Securitron Electromagnetic Locks, HES Electric Strikes, and Securitron Gate Locks, certified for outdoor use, are designed to leverage the existing hardware to make retrofit upgrades easy and efficient.

Exterior Doors

From auditoriums to front office vestibules, education facilities have a variety of exterior openings.  Adams Rite electric strikes, electrified deadlatches, exit devices, and trim can be integrated with existing access control systems to ensure that every opening within the building envelope is secured and monitored on the same security system.

Interior Doors

Securitron Electromagnetic Locks, HES Electric Strikes and Adams Rite Exit Devices strengthen access control on hollow metal, wood, and aluminum doors. As schools incorporate glass structures to increase safety, access control can be added with surface-mounted digital glass door locks, wireless readers and additional locking solutions.