Electric Strike Solutions

A Strike for every type of application

Problem: you need to add electrified access control to an existing opening.

Solution: we have affordable, versatile, durable electric strikes for every type of lockset, available with tools that make electric strike installation easier.

HES 9100 | 9200 - NEW!

Problem:  You need to add access control to a glass opening while avoiding a long, complex installation.

Solution:  The NEW HES 9100 and 9200 retro-mounted electric strikes offer integrated adjustability and field installable options for maximized versatility on single (9100) and double (9200) glass doors with a tubular, vertical rod exit device.


Problem:  You need to add real-time online access control to an existing opening but do not want the complexity of running wires to the door.

Solution:  The NEW HES ES100 is the affordable, universal retrofit electric strike solution that offers flexible configurations options and dynamic adjustability without the need to run wires.

HES 1600 Series

Problem:  You need a flexible, adjustable electric strike that you can install anywhere, quickly and easily.

Solution:  The HES 1600 works with just about any lockset with or without a deadbolt. Features integrated adjustability and field upgradeable options.

HES 9600 Series

Problem:  You need to add an electric strike to an opening with a rim exit device.

Solution:  The HES 9600 Series is a windstorm resistant, surface-mounted electric strike. No cutting of the frame is required. Simply place the electric strike on the surface of the frame, align it with the exit latch bolt, and install.

HES 5200 Series

Problem: You need an affordable, versatile strike that’s easy to install in an unhealthy opening.

Solution: The HES 5200 Series features an in-frame, horizontal adjustable designed to simplify the installation process. This feature allows you to easily adjust the electric strike opening to accommodate the horizontal position of the latch bolt after the strike has been installed.