ES100 FAQs

The ES100 is a fail secure electric strike and if left to run out of batteries, it will utilize the last bit of energy to convert to a fail secure state.

It’s important to remember this strike is remotely powered and therefore when power may be removed from the building, the electric strike will remain powered. If configured properly, the offline credentials will then take over and allow for access to the secured location.

CAUTION: There is a scenario where the strike may stay in an unlocked state: 

Strike is in an unlocked stated or remains unlocked from a scheduler

ES100 Electric Strikes'!Connection is severed between the reader and electric strike

The information would be relayed back to the EAC/Security System and send the proper alerts.

2 x Energizer L91 Lithium; AKA AA lithium batteries

They last about 45,000 cycles depending on settings:

*Indicator – LED and/or Buzzer

This will be fairly uncommon as there is an indicator during low battery(same as the R100) and the strike will start losing performance towards the EOL of the battery.

If battery does get close to depletion, the final amount of energy will be used to push the strike into a locked state, hence fail secure.

Options of increasing the polling rate, or turning it off and with running LED visual indicators only will substantially increase battery life.

If your EAC has scheduling capability, you can set a schedule for hours of operation, thus only using power during the strike state changes. Once the strike moves to an unlocked state, it resumes standby power until told to go back to the loacked state by the EAC.

1. REMOVE the secure screw on the bottom of the unit using a temper resistant T8 bit or driver (Diagram 9 of install instructions)

2. REMOVE the reader cover from the backplate (Diagram 9). NOTE: Be careful not to damage the main power cable harness during separation. 

3. Carefully remove both AA lithium batteries and dispose of the used batteries properly. 

WARNING: Keep batteries away from children. DO NOT disassemble and do not dispose of in fire. 

No, but the reader is still IP 65 Rated

Chipset cannot meet lower temperature limits

Yes, so long as it is an inswing opening.

MOUNT the backplate to the marked location and apply moderate pressure (15 psi) directly over the adhesive area for at least 1 minute to ensure proper adhesion. 

NOTE: Screw mounting may be used as an alternative mounting method. When mounting this way, the VHB tape must still be  used and 1/8" holes should be drilled in the 3 locations noted in Diagram 3 (see installation instructions). The reader should be secured using material appropriate, #4 flat head mounting screws and MUST be used in conjunction with an RTV/Sealant to prevent moisture/debris ingress.

Not at this point in time.

There are several a la carte options using readers and strikes, and the R100 is a great solution for mounting on nearly any service, including glass, because of it’s wireless capabilities.

Not at this point in time.

Having the indicator light on all the has a larger affect on battery life than you might think. Due to this, almost any battery powered device you see on the market today will only illuminate while in operation.

Reader Harness Length: 9.0”

Strike Harness Length: 7.0”

DPS/LM Harness Length: 10.0”

No, because the strike and reader are married together as a unit from the factory due to they’re 256-bit encrypted communication to each other.

When installing please ensure to keep the strike and reader paired together. They will share the same mac address label which will be used while configuring your device with the PPAP tool.

No. Since the units are paired, the reader would not recognize the strike and would not function properly.

A unit that loses functionality should be sent in for a warranty replacement.

We highly recommend the initial site survey account for any RF interferences

Several things affect RF performance: metalized reflective surfaces, absorbing materials, building materials, coexistence with nearby transmitters, adjacent band harmonics, solar window film, etc.

Factory operating channels are 11, 16 and 25