Outdoor-Rated Solutions

Access Control for All Seasons

Facility managers and security systems integrators face increasing challenges in protecting people, places, and property. Adding access control to building exteriors and perimeter may provide a variety of challenges; distinct requirements such as application, local weather considerations and codes, and budgets must be taken into consideration.


What is UL 1034 Suitable for Outdoor Use?

  • Corrosion - tested to ensure that salt-like corrosiveness won’t disrupt the operation of your opening.
  • Rain - tested to withstand direct contact from rain and other forms of intermittent liquid contact. 
  • Dust - tested to perform during the dust storms and windy environments. 
  • Temperature - tested to perform in temperatures as low as -35C (-31F) all the way to 66C (151F).

The following HES Electric Strikes are rated suitable for outdoor use: