What is Monitoring?

Monitoring options in electric strikes are crucial for enhancing security and ensuring operational reliability in access control systems. These options provide real-time updates on the status of doors, such as whether they are securely closed or open, the strike is locked, and the latch is correctly in the pocket, which can help security personnel quickly respond to any unauthorized access attempts or product malfunctions. 

Additionally, monitoring ensures doors and hardware work correctly and can be integrated with alarm systems, enhancing the overall security of the opening. By keeping doors secure and functioning properly, monitoring options make electronic security systems more effective.

Latchbolt Monitoring

Electric strike latchbolt monitoring is designed to provide real-time monitoring and control over access points in buildings. These systems use sensors to detect the position of the latchbolt, ensuring that doors are securely locked or unlocked as needed.

By monitoring latchbolt status, security personnel can receive instant notifications of any unauthorized attempts to tamper with or force entry through the door. This advanced level of security helps to safeguard sensitive areas and enhance overall building security protocols.

Latchbolt & Strike Monitoring

Electric strike latchbolt and strike monitoring together provide an enhanced comprehensive security solution for access control in buildings. By monitoring both the latchbolt and strike, these systems ensure that doors are simultaneously securely locked and that the strike is properly engaged. Real-time monitoring alerts security personnel to any tampering or forced entry attempts, enhancing overall building security. Additionally, these systems can integrate with access control systems to provide seamless control and management of entry points.


Door Position Monitoring

Door position switch monitoring is a critical component of access control systems, ensuring that doors are properly secured and aligned. These switches detect the position of the door, indicating whether it is open or closed. Real-time monitoring allows security personnel to receive instant notifications of any unauthorized door openings or attempted breaches. By integrating door position switch monitoring into access control systems, organizations can enhance security measures and maintain a secure environment for occupants.