Three Things Not to Miss When Selecting an Electric Strike

Step by Step Guide

Electric strikes can be installed in a wide range of swinging door applications. Consider these factors to help determine the right electric strike for your project.

Step 1 : Assess the frame materials and health of the opening

  • MATERIAL:  Is your door Hollow Metal, Aluminum or Wood?
  • TYPE:  Is your door hollow or concrete-filled? Concrete may require additional tools. 
  • HEALTH: Can frame or door irregularities be fixed prior to installation of electric strike?

Step 2: Determine if the door assembly has special requirements

  • Fire-rated Assembly (NFPA80 Fire Doors)
  • Windstorm Resistant 
  • Outdoor Rated (UL 1034)
  • Preload Capable 

Step 3: Identify and test existing door hardware

  • Existing locking hardware determines the compatible electric strike and overall function of the opening
  • Make sure existing hardware works properly and is not broken or damaged