Yes, most accessories with old-style white connectors are compatible with Quik-Wire version electric stikes with a simple field modification.*  The mismatch is solved by removing the connectors from both components as needed to create flying leads, and then making a direct wire connection following the wiring diagram provided in the instructions for all Quik-Wire electric strikes.  


*Some old-style accessories, such as the old-style 2001: Plug-in Bridge Rectifier and the old-style 2003: MOV are not field-modifiable because there are no leads when the connectors are removed. If you have one of these old-style accessories, for cross-compatibility with Quik-Wire products, utilize an old-style, two-pin 2007: Plug-in Pigtail Connector. The old-style pigtail connector will need to be used so that the free ends can make the connection to the electric strike, after the connector on the strike has been removed . For further questions, please call Customer Support at 800-626-7590.