Beginning February, 2010, most HES and Folger Adam electric strikes and accessories will ship with a new black connector, designed to make wiring faster and easier. The new black connector on the electric strikes is a male, 3 millimeter, four-pin connector that is smaller and squarer than the previous white connector. 

Quik-Wire is the name HES chose to help discuss the connector change since it affects electric strike and accessory models across the HES and Folger Adam brands.  The reference also highlights the primary goals of the change, which is to provide a faster, more consistent and goof-proof installation experience regardless of the voltage being used.

  • For dual-voltage electric strikes, the product package will now contain two pigtail options, one pre-configured for 12V and one for 24V.
  • For single voltage products, the package will now contain either a 12V or a 24V pigtail, depending on voltage ordered.  

Note: the change does not apply to the HT1006 and HT5000 (Hi-O) hybrid electric strikes since these units have connectors specific to that system.