HES 8000

The 8000 series electric strike (formerly known as the 5900 series) is a time saver for installers looking for a quick and easy installation. It drops right into a standard  1" deep ANSI A115.2 dust box, with no cutting on the face of the frame.

But proper alignment is a must for smooth operation of the door and the strike. We understand that sometimes doors and frames are not plumb, however this shouldn’t prevent you from using the 8000 series. Shims are provided in every box. If you encounter a less-than-perfect opening, simply install one or more shims under the faceplate to “aim” the strike so that it is perfectly parallel to the door. This alignment is critical to the smooth operation of the 8000 series strike.

To learn more about this concealed electric strike, please visit the 8000 product page.